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23-24 Booster Club Membership

The Braswell Boys Soccer Booster Club is looking forward to the 2023-2024 school year! To make the year a successful one in achieving our goals, we need your support. This page is meant to give you more information about what the Boys Soccer Booster Club does for the soccer team at Braswell High School and how you can be a part of it.

Our Purpose

We are an organization of parents and fans that are dedicated to supporting Braswell High School Boys Soccer Teams in many ways. We provide support what is needed or wanted by coaches.

What we do
  • Volunteer time and raise money – Concession stands, fundraisers, etc.

  • Print any promotional items needed like banners, team schedules and programs (subject to approval by the head coach/athletic director).

  • Financially support the program by providing additional funding for coaches, staff and event workers as approved by the head coach and athletic director. – team meals before the travel games, Senior night/gifts, Banquets, etc.

  • Listen and work closely with the head coach.

  • Discuss as official business any item that meets the definition or function of a booster club.

22-23 Fundraisers
  • MAIN FUNDRAISER: Our 2022-23  Fundraiser was via VERTICAL RAISE, where we sent emails to friends/family to contribute to the fundraiser.  This year we brought in $9,116.00

  • CORPORATE SPONSORS: We are now offering packages to any business that would like to help with funding.  The packages are available on website, so please share if you know of any company that may be interested.

  • HOODIES, T-SHIRTS, SCARVES, OH MY: We have a NEW online store that you are able to purchase many different items related to soccer.  They are made to order and will be mailed directly to your address within 7-10 days. 

  • CONCESSION STANDS: Every home game we will open the concession stand to sell food/drinks to the fans.  This is critical that we have VOLUNTEER HELP to run the concession.    Watch for the QR code to sign up and help.

  • Possible Booth at the Braswell Craft Fair on November 11th. We can sell swag that we have in stock and provide QR code to our online store.

  • Looking into connecting your grocery card (Kroger) up to seamlessly donate a % of your purchase sales to the booster each time you shop.

23-24 Team Needs

HUDDLE SUBSCRIPTION: Annual subscription to be able to record the teams and have play footage available (for training/recruiting) Annual Fee $1,050

PROVIDE MEALS: We provide team meals for 

8 AWAY district games this year

Estimated @ $3,100

TOURNAMENT FEES:  Booster picks up any additional fees that are not covered with school budget. 

Fees: $550

HYPE VIDEO: Last year we had our FIRST Hype video played before our home games. We would like to carry on this tradition year to year.  

Video: $350


JV1 & JV2 Game Day Shirts: Coach would like to try and provide Game Day Shirts or something like this. 

Cost: (TBA)

SENIOR BANNERS: Each year we recognize our seniors with a large banner that is displayed at the home games during the season and given to the Seniors at the Annual Banquet. Although the setup and design are donated, we will have a wholesale cost to print them.

Printing $250

SENIOR NIGHT:  Ability to celebrate our seniors at first home game -  

Range $250-$600

BANQUET BUDGET: End-of-year Banquet to celebrate the accomplishments of the teams. Approximately $1500-$3000

75% participation across all teams

2023-24 Goal:

We will have a Booster Membership drive Mid-Fall.Each membership will be added to a drawing for a HEATED Stadium Seat, Re-chargeable Hand Warmers and more...

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Membership Plan

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